Hi, I'm Tom
I build content, product, and teams at early stage companies.
I'm fascinated with learning and want to help individuals and companies learn more effectively.


I've always been a tinkerer. Legos were my favorite growing up. I used to build from the instructions first. Inevitably I'd end up with a massive box of random pieces to pick from, because I wasn't one to keep my Legos on the shelf. My Legos were well-used. And as that box of random, messy Legos grew, I realized how big of an opportunity it was. With that box I could build whatever I put my mind to. Hybrid spaceships / castles / speedboats emerged from the mess.

In my work, I often face complex problems and messy situations where it's unclear how we'll move forward. I think most of us do these days, in fact. To me it feels a lot like looking at that box of Legos; what are the component parts, how do they fit together? That's what I love about what I do. Digging in to messy problems to come out with creative solutions is incredibly rewarding. And it's what I've focused my career on to date: building teams at early stage companies that offer learning solutions to other companies.

I've spent the last 6 years building a world-class learning content team at Grovo and then building and testing social learning solutions at Everwise. Now I'm starting out with a new experiment, called Nextt. We hope that we can empower people to bring their ideas to life by running small, light experiments. It's going to be fun.

Feel free to reach out -- I'd love to hear from you: tsamph@gmail.com

My work

What I'm working on now

(inspired by Ajay Rajani, Derek Sivers and the "/now movement")

Experimenting with a new type of accelerator. We help people with big ideas test them with lean experiments to find a way forward. Stay tuned for more!

Learning design, product, and content development. Would love to hear from you if you're interested in working together.

I have a huge reading list, and I'm reading all the time. Currently reading: The Master Switch by Tim Wu. If you want to read with me, shoot me a note.

What's up next

(Ideas & projects that I've been thinking about and would love your help with)

Creating DDOs
Deliberately Developmental Organizations. Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey define a DDO as an organization that operates under the belief that they'll prosper most when they are more deeply aligned with people's strongest motive: to grow. As a manager, I've focused on helping my team grow, and as a provider of 3rd party training solutions, I've helped other companies do the same. If you're a growing startup looking to create a learning culture, I'd love to chat!

Skills > content
The most in-demand skills today are non-routine and interpersonal: I think the way that we learn and teach these skills has a long way to go to catch up with demand. Employers report that college students are more and more unprepared with the skills they need to succeed in the workplace -- skills like creativity, problem solving, decision making. The problem isn't just with colleges though. Much of what we're doing with students in secondary school is designed to get them into colleges...which means prepping for the SAT, taking AP tests, etc. I think we need more skill building and less drilling / memorization.

Enterprise IoT
Internet enabled devices have been in the workplace for a long time now. We've had rapid advances in VR and AR technology. And, VC funding for quantum computing is at an all time high. I'm interested in exploring how smart devices can help us learn, prevent accidents/mistakes, and more.

Dog play groups
My wife menioned the other day that she'd love to have a place where she could go to organize a play date for our dog. If you've got a playful, energetic dog in NYC we'd love to hear from you!

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